Since January 2013 me and my camera have been inseparable. Although it started as a hobby – I was a sculptor for years – photography has won me over. I work on my own projects, in addition to commissioned work. And loving every second of it.

The ‘Verborgen vrienden project’ is my first photography project. I photograph and interview people who still sleep with stuffed animals, a taboo, because it’s not considered to be normal at a certain age. I’ve travelled through Belgium and the Netherlands to meet people, collect stories and make images from stuffed animals and their human compagnions. I started this project in July 2013 and now I’m proud to say that the book is published and available to those who are interested in this cute taboo.








In 2006 I graduated at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam as an illustrator. After my graduation I became a sculptor and now I'm back to an old love: photography. Life is a journey!